Since 1969, the role of the CCRB has been to consider the purposes, justification, and viability of proposed community appeals for capital funds by local non-profit agencies and institutions.

In 2016, the CCRB conducted a survey with the business community about the capital campaign review/approval process. The survey achieved a response rate of 60%. Of those responding, 92% replied that they were already aware of the CCRB; 76% expressed that they rely on the CCRB to help make their decision to support a future capital campaign. Of the respondents who were unaware of the CCRB, 100% stated that they would use the CCRB process to support their decision making if approached for a capital campaign pledge in the future.

Based upon the survey results, the Capital Campaign Review Board of Berks County made the decision to hire a Managing Director to improve and strengthen the current capital campaign vetting process, offer support to non-profit agencies, and serve as the contact person for this valuable service to the Berks County community.